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Windshield Glass Treatment- Repels Rain

Windshield Glass Treatment- Repels Rain


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AQUAPEL APPLICATIONS Windshield Glass Water Rain Repellent TREATMENT Repels

          Use the glass treatment that jet fighters use on their windshields without wiper blades! Aquapel is a patented product from the leaders in glass technology - PPG. When AQUAPEL Glass Treatment is applied to the exterior of vehicle glass, it leaves the surface water resistant. Rain beads up and rolls off, dramatically improving visibility-day and night.One application lasts up to six months-six times longer than other products.This product applies to the windshield to dramatically increasevisibility in rain day or night. The solution forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike silicone-based products that simply coat glass. It lasts up to 6 times longer than other products. The solution causes the rain to bead up and roll off. Also, snow, ice, and bugs are easy to remove. One application treats one windshield or two side windows.

PPG Aquapel Rain Repellent Glass Treatment Facts and Applications

  • Designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass mirrors, or any other glass surface, Aquapel Glass Treatment is a long-lasting glass treatment that: Repels rain for remarkably improved vision, Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs, Reduces glare in the rain, especiallyat night.
  • PPG's Aquapel Glass Treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass which increases water repellency, causing it to bead and easily shed off the glass. These fluorinated compounds apply in just minutes to a clean, dry windshield or any exterior glass surface, and last up to six times longer than silicon-based products.
  • Aquapel Glass Treatment remains highly effective after months of normal use, including driving in rain and snow, car washing, and glass cleaning.

Directions on How to Apply Aquapel:

  • Step 1: Clean - Thoroughly clean and dry the glass.
  • Step 2: Apply - Hold the applicator between the thumb and fingers with the pad down and level over the windshield. Squeeze the wings together until a popping sound isheard and liquid is released onto the pad. Use immediately. Wipe the soft pad of the applicator over the glass up and down then side to side to ensure the glass is well covered. Avoid painted surfaces. Remove liquid from non-glass surfaces with dry paper towel.
  • Step 3: Dry - Wipe the glass with a clean dry paper towel immediately after Aquapel has been applied to the entire windshield. Dispose of applicator and paper towel. Failureto wipe immediately may cause hazing that requires additional buffing with a clean dry paper towel.

  • Rain repellent glass treatment
  • One applicator treats an average windshield
  • Improves vision in the rain
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